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Introducing the Daily Bonus: Increasing Retention and Rewarding Your Players’ Loyalty!

We’re delighted to announce our new Daily Bonus feature for publishers! 

How does the Daily Bonus work?

Our Daily Bonus feature is a customizable interstitial pop-up that players receive upon opening your web store. 

It rewards them with a game resource of your choice – such as in-game currency. 

Right after the player claims their reward, a timer appears on the pop-up showing that the next reward can be unlocked on the next calendar day.

Why do you need the Daily Bonus feature?

Retention is a pillar of any business success. 

And our data shows that the majority of web store purchases take place after a player has visited your store three times on average. 

That represents a challenge to publishers. It’s not enough to get users to visit your web store once or twice. 

Ingraining this habit to get them to return repeatedly and buy items requires using retention-boosting features in your web store. 

Our top 3 Daily Bonus tips

The goal of your Daily Bonus is to increase web store retention and ARPU. To do this, we recommend:

  1. Bigger and bigger rewards! Progressively increasing rewards each day greatly increases retention
  2. Clear messaging! Make sure users understand that they can come back tomorrow for bigger rewards
  3. Keep designs fresh! Upload multiple Daily Bonus visuals to keep things interesting

How to set up your Daily Bonus

  1. Decide what type of resource to offer, such as coins or gems
  2. Decide how much of this resource you want to offer each day
  3. Build a daily sequence with progressively increasing rewards
  4. Design your Daily Bonus backgrounds
  5. Upload your backgrounds and configure your Daily Bonus via your publisher dashboard 

Want to learn more about setting up your Daily Bonus? DM your account manager.  

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